Easy Diabetes for the iPhone and iPod touch, helps you quickly and easily record all the information required to enable you to manage your diabetes.

All details can be entered on a single screen, so that you don't have to keep swapping between many screens.

Only the details that you have logged are displayed on the daily log meaning that its kept clear of un-used settings.

High's and Low's are clearly marked colourful icons to let you quickly assess your levels for the day.

You are in control of what ranges of Blood Glucose levels your aiming for, so that you can set the system to display your exact requirements.

Features include:

  • Log Insulin,
  • Log Blood Glucose
  • Log Ketones
  • Log Notes / Comments
  • All data defaults to current date and time, which can then be simply updated.
  • All of your entries can be emailed out directly from within the Easy Diabetes as simple tables, and / or as CSV files that can then be imported into a spreadsheet application.
  • You can set your own ranges for blood glucose levels, these levels are then used to indicate if your higher, lower or on target for your desired range.