The new version of Shooting Final is now available, it includes a significant re-write with new audio files and new timings for the ISSF 2014 Rules.  The disciplines supported are 10M Pistol, 10M Rifle, 50m Pistol, and 50M Prone rifle.

Not only that but it also has a lovely new icon :o)


The full list of rules for the events can be found at the ISSF website

The Shooting Final App has had a re-write bringing it into line with the latest ISSF Rules.  The App has been submitted for testing, and should hopefully be available soon.  To bring it in line with our other shooting apps, we have generated a new icon

A sneak preview of the new screens shows the app now supports all the new timing and commands of the latest ISSF rules, we have also made full use of the larger screen available on the iPhone 5 (don't worry if you have an iPhone 4 we have made sure it also works on the smaller screen ).



Easy BP has been out for a week now, and its had quite an amazing first week.  Its been new and noteworthy in over 8 countries (including the UK,USA, Saudi Arabia,Italy,Canada to name but a few) and has been in the top 100 in America (at points on the edge of the top 50), and is in the top 50 in 11 countries.

Ratings and comments have all be excellent, as the application has been very well received.

As with all our Apps, if you have any suggestions on how to make them even better, please contact us and we will try and add your suggestions to the apps (email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

I have just released our third App, Easy BP which is another medical application alongside our popular Easy Diabetes App.

Easy BP allows you to enter your Blood pressure readings, and aims to help you maintain your systolic and diastolic readings into your own defined target values.

Easy BP not only logs the values, and allows you to easy export them, but it also includes a graph that displays your averages over the previous 90 days.

If the graph feature proves popular it will be rolled out to Easy Diabetes.


I have just released the latest version of Shooting Final, which has a number of changes to it.  The main changes are the implementation of the new ISSF rules.

The full ISSF Rules can be viewed by visiting the ISSF Website

The new rules included some quite extensive changes to the timing of the final (the Preparation and sighting time).

Along with the changes to bring the App in line with the new rules, I have added a couple of new feature:

  • Shooting Time for 50M Prone (45 Seconds per shot)
  • Distraction sounds - namely background noise of shots / clapping.

As always each of the new features can be turned on / off  from the settings screen.

I have also created a Facebook page for Shooting Final, which will allow for more feedback on features you may want adding to Shooting Final.

Shooting Final Facebook